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Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

ATN Trading Co provides a trading engine that, very simply, takes advantage of the volatility in the cryptocurrency markets. Buy low, sell high, repeat!

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How it Works

Connect to the exchange

Connect the ATN trading engine to your Coinbase Pro or Binance account and the engine will place your orders for you. All trades are filled by the exchange. We never handle your cash or coin.

Create your own strategy

You are in full control. Determine how aggressively you want to trade, set trade size, margin, spacing, floor, ceiling etc. Go long or sell short depending on market direction.

Track your progress

An easy to use dashboard and detailed reports provide the data you need to create the best strategy for your budget. Engage our dynamic community on Slack and compare your settings on the leaderboard.


ATN users are seeing gains of up to 35% a month. Depending on the markets and your strategies, your results may be even better.

Diversify your crypto portfolio

HODLing is one way to make money with your cryptocurrency investment. Trading a portion of your portfolio is a good way to put your coins to work for you.

Example: In a 7 day period the market price of bitcoin fluctuates $500 above and below your starting price (totally normal behavior). You start trading 1 btc at $10,000. If the market goes up to $10,500, you're ahead. When it drops back down to $9,500 you're down $500. But if you're trading on the volatility the entire time you'll be ahead.

In this scenario a very normal strategy would be to trade .01 btc with a margin of $100. Conservatively you could expect to make 10 successful trades in a day (what we call pairs) which would net you $1 every pair. In 7 days, when the market rises to $10,500, drops to $9,500 and returns to $10,000 you would be up $70 (7%) over simply holding.

Make money in an up or down market

By holding crypto, your value increases only as the price continues to rise. Automated trading allows you to take advantage of the market volatility to gain value even as the price drops.

Here is a real world example of trading for the month of April using a $10,000 budget and trading .01 btc with $100 margin:

Results will vary based on market conditions, budget, and strategy. The results above are meant to serve as an example—yours could be better or worse.


The ATN trade engine monitors the markets 24/7 and executes trades based on your settings.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Our tools put the control in your hands. The ATN Wizard will have you trading in minutes.

  • Easy setup
  • Easy tracking
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Active community

Easy to use

Fast market tracking

The system watches your orders on the exchange and looks for opportunities to place new orders thousands of times a day.

  • Near real-time tracking
  • Quick order placement

Multiple Strategies

Multiple Strategies

Multiple strategies allow you to trade with different settings depending on market conditions. Truly set it and forget it.

  • Multiple overlapping strategies
  • Ample market positions

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No-risk pricing

Pay just a percentage of your earnings. If you you're not making money, you pay nothing.

  • Simple, straight-forward pricing
  • Pay only after you've made gains


Trade with no risk—pay a percentage of your earnings or get faster trades, more strategies and quicker support with our Premium Service.


  • 24/7 trading
  • 2 Active Strategies
  • Up to 200 positions
  • Basic support
  • 5m trading intervals

10% of net gains - no minimum

Settled every month

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much will I make?

Market conditions and your settings will determine how much you make. Users have recorded 6% gains in a day during extremely favorable conditions. Use the simulation tools to forecast earnings based on market history.

Is it safe/secure?

ATN adheres to the highest security protocols. All trades are executed by the exchange.

How much will it cost me?

Pay according to how much you earn. If you don't trade and aren't making gains, you pay nothing.

Will it work for me?

It has worked for so many. Read our testimonials. Try it for 7 days free!

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